Location, Location, Location!

Arguably, the most important element of the photoshoot is the location! Whether it is for a maternity, engagement, or family photoshoot WHERE you take the pictures sets the tone for the whole shoot! Now you might be asking, "but Alyssa cant you just take pictures in a park or at their home?" yes, you can! However, consider exploring your local area to find little gems. It could be a field off the side of the highway or a small neighborhood beach no one really knows about! These photography locations can set you apart from other photographers and can show your true style. Here are some of the photography locations on Oahu that I've scouted or just stumbled upon!

Makapu'u Beach during sunrise is a dream! You get the best of both worlds with the mountains in the background and the beach! There are also some really cute tidepools down by the parking lot. If you decide to go the tidepool route, beware of the waves and if its high or low tide! Its a lot safer during low tide for sure.

Lanikai Beach is great for sunrise or sunset! Although I always recommend sunrise because its a lot less crowded and you wont run out of light as easily! Sunset is a bit tricky because the sun hides behind the Koola'u mountains way before sunset is scheduled. You could run into the following problems: too many clouds, suns already behind the mountain, and people still at the beach. Obviously its up to you and your clients BUT its just my recommendation. The view of the mokes (the two islands) make a great backdrop and there are also canoes on the beach/in the water which is just a VIBE!

The cactus fields in KCC give a real desert vibe! An Oahu photographers dream if you are trying to go for a dusty Arizona look without leaving the island. It was really fun to take pictures there too, just be careful of the spikes! They are literally everywhere. I recommend using close toed shoes and not a floor length dress! The spikes were getting caught in my dress and it was just a mess. BUT the pictures were so worth it!

Lyon Arboretum/Manoa Falls trail in Manoa is my next favorite! I used to live in the area so it was really nice to have a spot so close to home for the lush, tropical garden vibes. There is a parking lot specifically for the arboretum up the road from Manoa Falls so no need to walk all the way up from the first paid lot! Once you are in the Lyon Arboretum, there are places to go off the trail and take amazing pictures in the greenery. When you start the Manoa Falls hike, you end up in this open area and a little path to a stream! I've usually started out there and then moved down to the stream at then end.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Love all of you and I hope you guys have an amazing day!