Hi, its me.. Alyssa!

I'm an elopement+wedding photographer based in SoCal. We moved to SoCal area from Honolulu at the end of 2021 and I love to take photos, obviously! My all time favorite things are going to love filled weddings and unique elopements.

No matter what type of celebration you are looking for I want to help serve you in anyway I can. So if that mean you want to go to the sand dunes to get your engagement photos done; I'm here for it. If that means you need help with timelines; heck yeah I can help. If you need someone to talk venues with; I'm here. So, don't be shy and lets be friends!!

Some fun facts

  • Loves Taking Creative Portraits!
  • Obsessed With My Dog
  • Will Try Almost Anything Food Wise
  • Work Out Junkie
  • Beach Bum at Heart
  • Taco Tuesday is LIFE!
Life Motto: try it once and you probably wont regret it!
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